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Get challenged and pushed to contribute meaninfully to an organizations, expansion project. Our Executive China Internship program is designed to get the best out of participants in a fast paced environment where innovation and efficiency is the way. Job
Beijing, China; Guangzhou, China; Shanghai, China; Chengdu, China; Shenzhen, China
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Study Abroad
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Academic Year, Fall Semester, MayMester Intersession, Rolling Starts, Spring Break, Spring Semester, Summer, Winter Semester, Year Round

Program Overview

Program Description:
Our commitment to professionalism and continued transforming of our participants through Our Award wining Executive Internship Program in China made us an Industry leaders over the past years. Our participants stand out as we groom them properly to fit into working environments and strategically position them o take advantage of global opportunities. For the past years, we have had the opportunity to transform over 4000 young people and we remain proud of this. We have applied Research & Development as well as constant risk assessment to evolve our programs to a more modern one to fit the 21st century requirements of Job markets. Our Programs are specifically designed for millennials to equip them with executive skills. We combine cross cultural immersions and real job descriptions to get the best out of our participants. With CIP Internship, - You get exactly what you want - You are involved in the internship planning proces - You have 100% say in determining the outcome of the internship - We fix you into an international setting where your job role determines the future or an organization - Our participants are trained on Chinese market entry strategy, a skill which more companies are looking for

Get challenged and pushed to contribute meaninfully to an organizations, expansion project. Our Executive China Internship program is designed to get the best out of participants in a fast paced environment where innovation and efficiency is the way. Job descriptions are designed by Expert Human Resource Consultants and Interns face real business scenarios to sharpen their problem solving skills. Our interns work on project basis with Industry experts and targets allocated. We network our participants to China's Business Community for real chances to launch their career in China. Our interns are postioned in Multinational Organizations in China's most productive cities. - We position participants with real job descriptions with a great level of expectations. - We groom and Mentor our partiipants to be real business excutives - CIP Internship Program exposes participants to china's top entrepreneurs through training - We support and appraise interns through performnace appraisals and constructive feedbacks given. - We also invest into business ideas of our articipants expecially those with Entrepreneurial accumen - Interns who show exceptional skills are given long term employment chances in their host organizations\ - Learn Chinese language through a private arrangement with guarrantee to speak fleunt Chinese langaueg within 3 -4 months. These arrangements do not interfere with the internship If you are looking to sharpen your skills through a meaningful internship, then we are here

Participants who go through our Executive Internship program gets totally tranformed and equipped with Chinese Busines Environment. As a participant, you will learn about Chinese market entry strategies to be able to lead an organization into chinese market with courage without fear of barriers. Our Internship Programs are built to contain components that will grant maximum exposure of participants, ensuring complete transformation. The following are the components of our services: · Executive Internship Placement in China · Chinese Language Study (Private Classes) · Visa Processing and Consultation · Fully furnished housing and Accommodation over the duration of the program · Airport pick up and drop off, Welcome package: City map. Transport card. Mobile phone, SIM card, Orientation · Business Classes and Seminar, Networking events · Professional Mentoring and Corporate Grooming* · Entrepreneurial Training* · Full-time 24/7 program leadership and support · Travel & Tour to historical sites with cultural activities* and Know China tour* · CIP Insurance card which provides insurance and other travel benefits · Introduction to other legal income generating opportunities
Setting Description:
Our Programs are located in China's best cities full of opportunities. We have full staff presence in all these cities to make sure our participants are properly catered for and protected througout the entire program. Each participant is allocated to a coordinator and always evaluated. We remain responsible for the safety of our participants; a responsoibility we do nit shy away from. Accommodations are located at prime areas with safety and confortability as the prime focus. In China, all aprticipants are treated to KNOW CHINA TOUR.
Our prices are the most affordable in the industry. We vary these prices with duration and components. Kindly check from our website for more details. Speak with us and we could customize the design of your Internship Program to suit your Budget.